What We Did During COVID-19 Lockdown

What is our lockdown story. Everyone has a lockdown story, and everyone’s story is unique. This is our story.

During COVID-19 lockdown our professional staff at Parkhurst Opticians worked tirelessly. They worked to protect the NHS.

The need for emergency eyecare doesn’t disappear during a pandemic. People actually become more scared to seek help and therefore problems can escalate faster.

Locals hospitals reduced routine work and changed procedures. Optometry practices such as ours were told to cease routine eyecare and concentrate on emergencies only. So, that’s what we did.

For nearly 3 months we made the practice safe to those who were shielding and needed to attend.

We looked after the eyes of NHS staff when the finished their shifts.

We delivered spectacles and contact lenses for those who were caring for others and those who were at risk.

We repaired spectacles on your doorstep and respected social distancing.

We phoned you and triaged your problems.

Visit plans were put in place for those who needed to attend the practice.

We reassured lots more and some we directed to the chemist.

We scanned the eyes of the desperate who had experienced vision loss and those who were in pain.

We put information out there to keep the public as informed as possible and to direct them to relevant services.

We attended endless video conferences, as the independent optical profession came together to work together.

We sweated in the hot weather in our PPE, reassured that we were doing our bit.

We never closed, when COVID numbers began to rise.

We were there for you, through COVID-19 lockdown.

We hope you will continue to be here for us.

This is our Lockdown story and the story of Optometry Superheros.

While we are Encouraging Everyone to Book There Routine Eye Examination Now.

If you have a new cough or a heavy cold please wait a little while longer, to limit the spread of infection.