Return to Work Routine Post COVID-19

Things to do first thing in the morning

  • Arrive at your allocated time – not before or not after, to ensure no ‘pinch’ points around staff areas and entrance/exit
  • Your start time is for you to get ready for work. Your actual start time is 10 minutes later, this gives you time get changed and make yourself a drink if you wish
  • Hand sanitizer must be used on entry
  • Put your personal belongings in the staff room
  • Sweep up outside and ensure that the practice looks clean and professional
  • Wipe down all door handles after all patients have touched them
  • Go to your work station and clean it using hard surface wipes
  • Turn on your computer
  •  Log on to emails and action them if required. Delete unnecessary ones and put the others in folders
  • Turn on Optix and log on.
  • Check your daily task list
  • Bulk order scheme contact lenses
  • Check in spec jobs and advise by PHONE and move to advised etc
  • Check Evolution and log all patients on who are having cataract post checks
  • Log on to Heidelberg and enter patient details
  • Check answer machine messages
  • Prepare yourself to accept patients
  • As much information needs to collected on the patient as possible before the patient enters the practice to ensure that the time we have with the patient is best utilized on giving care

Lunch time

  • Please take your lunch at your allocated time slot
  • Clean and tidy your desk before you leave
  • Wipes down your work surfaces and IT equipment etc
  • If you have used PPE, store it safely for use in the afternoon session (only dispose of this if you feel that it has been contaminated ie a patient coughed on you
  • Wash your hands before eating
  • Wash up any utensils, cups, plates etc that you may have used
  • Wipe down all surfaces that you may have touched in the staff room
  • If you have used the wash rooms please wipe them clean after use
  • Return to work safely ensuring that you keep your distance from colleagues
  • When you return to work you may be on a different work station so please ensure that you wipe it down

End of the day

  • The completion of the following list does not mean that this is the end of the working day, it simple means that you have time to complete the relevant tasks properly and fully.
  • Please cash up at 3.30 approx to ensure that you have enough time to be able to process the vouchers and complete other end of day tasks which have been introduced such as contact lens ordering etc
  • Check all jobs on order
  • Please hoover all areas

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