Our Optometrists

Emma Parkhurst-Tubby Bsc(Hons) McOptom FBDO CL

Principle Optometrist with a special interest in Dry Eye and Visual Dyslexia.
Emma is MECS specialist Optometrist and also performs Stable Glaucoma consultations for the Eye Clinic.
She is trained in contact lenses, Ortho K contact lenses and OCT retinal imaging, skills that help to detect early eye problems.
Emma works for the College of Optometry as a facilitator for peer reviews.
She is also working towards a higher Glaucoma certificate at Bradford University.

Emma is our community representative attending schools and social clubs to give various 'Eye Talks'.
We are lucky to have a well qualified female Optometrist working for Parkhurst Opticians.

Maybe something you didn't realise about Emma is that along with Doncaster Ladies Circle, she raises a lot of money for local charities, last years adventure was walking the 3 peaks and this year its route 66 (virtually)

Ian Parkhurst BSC (Hons)  MC Optom Dip Tp (IP)Prof Cert Medical retina FBDO (Hons) CL LVA 

Ian is a Senior Optometrists with an Independent Prescribing Certificate. He also has qualifications in Medical Retina and Low Visual aids, MECS, and Stable Glaucoma monitoring.

Specialties include Contact lenses and Ortho K contact lenses and Visual Dyslexia.

He has worked for  many years at DRI along side the Ophthalmologists and gained great respect.

He is also working towards a higher certificate in Glaucoma.

Ian's passion within the practice is his Clients , nothing is too much trouble. Who needs a specialist subject when you are an all rounder.

Charity work locally and internationally is high on Ian's agenda, something he commits to regularly.

Neil Parkhurst BSC(Hons) MC Optom Dip Tp (IP)Prof Cert Medical retina FBDO CL 

Neil is a Senior Optometrist with a passion for Eye Care.
He is an independent Prescriber with a certificate in medical Retina from Ulster University. A Mecs qualification from Cardiff University a Stable Glaucoma certificate and a Post Surgical cataract qualifications from Cardiff University. He is also working towards a higher certificate in Glaucoma from Bradford University.

Academia is not the only thing Neil has to offer, he is a principle contact lens Optometrist fitting Ortho K and routine contact lenses.
His passion is for 'Best Practice' and his standards are high.

Neil also attended charity fund raising every couple of weeks.
Parkhurst Opticians is lucky to have such dedication.

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