• Media Alert: Raised Eye Pressure and Cataract Surgery

    You may be aware of problems, through the media, of incidences of raised eye pressure following cataract surgery.

    The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a patient safety alert after becoming aware of cases of increased intraocular pressure in people recently implanted with the following IOLs (intra ocular lens), an IOL is the the lens used in cataract surgery to replace your cloudy lens:

    • EyeCee One preloaded
    • EyeCee One Crystal preloaded.

    There are different brands of lens replacements available to use when a cataract operation is performed, Spa Medica do not use the lens replacements listed above.

    All clinics that have used these lenses are in the process of contacting people who may be affected, and will arrange an IOP assessment within the next couple of weeks. The recalled IOLs have been used in around 5% of procedures in the UK in the last four months. Please be reassured that the incidence of people affected is very low and this is a precaution only. All clinics are working to contact everyone effected.

    If you have had an operation using the lenses above since October 2022 your cataract clinic will contact you and make arrangements for your eye pressure to be measured and monitored.

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  • Interesting Read

    The eye-tooth connection

    Patients with more dental work are also more likely to have glaucoma

    18 January 2017 Olivia Wannan

    An unexpected relationship between developing glaucoma and the bacteria in a person’s mouth or the number of natural teeth they have has been found in a US study.

    Researchers at the State University of New York looked at the dental history of 119 patients with primary open-angle glaucoma and 78 people with no history of the disease, in the early stage research.

    The researchers used a specimen of mouthwash to analyse the bacteria in each person’s mouth. They also looked at the natural teeth they had and the participants’ reports of their oral health routines.

    People who had undergone more dental work had a higher rate of glaucoma, even when factors such as diabetes, hypertension and gender were taken out of the equation.

    The research also found that Streptococci bacteria was more commonly found in the mouths of glaucoma patients than people with healthy eyes.

    In the Journal of Glaucoma-published paper, the authors wrote that: “Further investigation of the association between dental health and glaucoma is warranted.

    Image credit: D Sharon Pruitt

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