Eye Care and Infection Control

Recent advise issued by our Governing bodies, the College of Optometry and the General Optical Council, states that Infection Prevention Control must be maintained in Optical Practices.

All our frames and equipment are continually sanitized to keep everyone safe.

Face masks are no optional within all our practices, although you may notice that our staff will continue to wear theirs as needed.

As we return to fully normal you may still be asked to make an appointment for all of our services, we have found this helps to reduce waiting times within the practices

If you cannot wear a face mask and feel vulnerable within the practice, ask our staff for a quieter appointment time.

If you have a cold, new cough or a new loss of smell or taste please do not attend, and rearrange for when you are feeling better.

If you have a new headache and are feeling unwell, we ask that you take a COVID test before booking an appointment, however, if you are negative please do not hesitate to book as Optometrists play an essential role in investigating headaches

While we are Encouraging Everyone to Book There Routine Eye Examination Now.

If you have a new cough or a heavy cold please wait a little while longer, to limit the spread of infection.