Eye Examinations

An Eye Examination is a vital health check – it’s not simply to see whether you need glasses or not.

A thorough Eye Examination will not only reveal the health of your eyes, it will also provide important information about your general health.

In addition to checking for cataracts, glaucoma, colour and field of vision, our optometrists will look for signs of other health problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, an eye examination can often pick up these problems before the symptoms become apparent to you or a doctor, so you can benefit from early treatment.

Make sure you see an optometrist if :

  • You have trouble reading.
  • your sight is blurred, if you are seeing double or if you see spots or “floaters”.
  • One or both of your eyes hurt or if you feel pressure in your eye.
  • You can’t see things at the side like you used to be able to.

Whilst we charge for our highly professional eye examinations, there are a number of concessions available. Free NHS eye examinations are offered to children under 16, full-time students up to 19, the over-60s, people with diabetes or glaucoma, people over 40 with a family history of glaucoma and those on low incomes Click here for further information on free NHS Eye Examinations.

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