Appointment Fees

Private Eye Examination Fee £40.00
NHS Eye Examination Fee £paid by the NHS Check if eligible
Visual Stress £50.00
Contact Lens Fitting £55.00
Contact Lens Re-fit £55.00
Contact Lens Aftercare £50.00
Dry Eye Assessment £35.00
Private Eye Lash Removal £25.00
Private Emergency Assessment £50.00
Private OCT Imaging – Optic discs only £30.00

Private OCT Imaging – Optic discs and Macula £50.00

Retinal Imaging £30.00
Private Cataract Referral £30.00
Optical Repairs Price on Request ( min £15.00 fee)
Colour Deficiency Tests £15.00 as part of an Eye exam only

Do not attend the practice if you have a cold, a new cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.