4D HD Eye Health Check

Detecting eye disease up to 8 years sooner than a standard eye test

An OCT (optical coherence tomography) retina scan is entirely different from the routine eye photos. Conventional digital cameras, look at the top surface of the retina, but a lot of problems in the eye start at a deeper level.

 The OCT instrument scans below the eye’s surface using safe low powered lasers. It is completely painless, non-invasive and takes only a matter of seconds.

The Spectralis 4D OCT scan not only helps us detect eye conditions but can sometimes also show signs associated with brain tumours, high cholesterol or uncontrolled blood pressure thus saving further health problems in the future

After the images have been viewed and assessed, they are stored electronically for your next visit, where referring to the previous images we can spot even tiny changes (1 micrometer!).

This allows for an easier and more accurate method of monitoring the health of the eyes year after year.

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